Monday, January 19, 2009

this time we're not giving up, we'll make it last forever

Ayy bitchezz. I s'pose I'll just blog for myself again. And wait til people find this :P
Anyways, I totally changed up my hair. At first I started wearing it back:

With a bandanna in it and shizz. Then I dyed it blonde (well, the front part, and well, it's more orange/yellow/ewhaleywilliamsmuch?butigottasayiadoreherhair than blonde)

That side part isn't brown-ish anymore, i bleached it again and now it's reddish orangish like the other side part. So yup, I don't wear bangs anymore. Who knew there'd be the day.

Today I'm going to tha maaaaall (the Queens mall, dumbasses) with some friends. And it's really too cold to wear anything of much interest (and it's not like I typically do anyway...) so.. yup. I'll leave you with that. My orange/yellow hair.


  1. hey, I read Yonctopus, then These City Streets, but never commented cause I didn't have an account, and anons are flaky. Anyway, just wanted to say I love reading what you write, you seem pretty cool.

  2. Yoncto!!!!!
    It's been foreverrr. I love your new hair, looks so rad. I kept forgetting to reply to your Polyvore message but I hope everything's going alright with Suvy and all..
    I'll keep following from now on!