Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So. It feels kinda good to be writing in the Blogger editing thingy again instead of the LJ one (although I will of course continue that, to any old readers who read it... Just celebrated it's 1st bday yesterday, actually, wooh confetti and cakes not). I took a little rest from blogging, but lately I have been just eehhhh I don't know I kind of need to do it sort of I don't know. But I figured that just because I like way different things now, etc, etc, does not mean I have to stop blogging. I am still into clothing and such, just not the kind of clothing that designers send down the runway each season. I like DIY shit and concert t-shirts sewn to fit with dental floss and patches drawn with Sharpie and too-short too-tight hooker-esque skirts. All paired with DMs, of course. But ANYWAYZZZ, to get back to what I was saying, I'm back. Yoncto is backkk. But I feel kinda like Stza, starting new reincarnations of the same thing except with different names. I don't know where the fuck the name for this one came from... Just kinda wandered into my head. Probably half-taken from the amazing LOC song Ya Can't Go Home.

Yea of course I'm still obsessed with all those bands. So. I would take a picture of myself saying like "HAIII BLOGGING WORLD I'M BACK" or something to that matter but I'm sick as hell right now and would look like shiz, even with a crapload of Kat Von D make up slapped on my face I'd still look half dead. Uhhh I guess I'll put some pictures of recent-ish shit, then, I guess. MAHSPACE PICTA-STEALIN TAIMMM (plz let the blogger picture resize work...)

My friend Sarah took this, she's fucking radtastic and you should check her shit out.
Oh shazz I think the picture thing still doesn't work and I will have to resize all these mothafuckas myself. FUN STUFF.

Still obnoxious as ever, don't worry. I, erm, came in ownership of, that bullet necklace on some random mexican store on St Marks, yah know those, and I wear it all the time.

There I am in a box. And oh shiznits I can't seem to find any other recent photos. Boo hiss.
So yeah. This is kind of an experiment. Dunno if I'll continue or not. But anyways, it feels kinda good to be back.

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  1. Yay you're back to blogging! I enjoy reading your lj (which doesn't sound creepy at all...) but blogging is kewlz too. =P