Thursday, January 15, 2009

misery is a butterfly

Ugh. Sick again today. But my mom took me to this weird ass new age medicine place and they did this weird thing on me and I feel a lot better. So hopefully I'll be able to go to school tomorrow (ick, school... but I seriously need to catch up on stupid fucking school work) and go to the Reagan Youth show Saturday. But you know what the one good thing about going back to school will be? (Other than not having that pile of work looming over my goddamned head anymore...) Making use of my amazing Kat Von D eyeshadow pallate! (That I left at my friends house when I slept over after her NYE party and some of her older brother's bitch friends came in and like rubbed their fingers in it and her make up, then stole her make up brushes and some of my eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara... FUCKING GHETTO ASS BITCHES DIEEE *sorry bout that, but I am a total cakeface soo...*)

Woot for sick day hoods. That's actually my school PE pullover hoodie that I converted into a The Exploited zip up hoodie with an old zip, an overpriced backpatch, and lots of shitty handsewing.
Non stupid face picture:

And my hoodie:

Guh it's fucking oversized. I hate it. Yeah, I know, weird, I wear tight shit now. I left my last baggy shirt that I actually wore (my DARE shirt that I got last winter) at the Tsquare skate park when I was there with some friends bout two weeks ago *sobs* RIP, DARE shirt. That shirt was the best oxymoron ever... Sigh ;D
I should get a pic of my other patched up hoodie. But I can't right now, my mother took it away and threatened to throw it away because I put a patch (hand-drawn, like 90% of the patches I own, might I add) on it that said "Kill Scene Kids" with a picture of some scene girl and a big fat X drawn through her face. IT WAS SICK I LOVED IT AND I BET EVERYONE ELSE WILL TOO AND I CAN'T WAIT TA SHOW IT OFF. But I don't have my hoodie right now, so boo-hoo.
Hope some muthafuckas start commenting on this shit soon :P

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  1. I have the exact same exploited patch behind my own leather jacket.