Wednesday, March 18, 2009

fuck this

this is how i've been looking lately.
i like love my two-tone hair.
and i like wearing bandannas in it, too. and bright eyeshadow. would you believe that shit is revlon?
go listen to johnny hobo and the freight trains. now.

remember when i used to talk about fashion week?


i'm in san francisco

and i abso-fucking-lutely love it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

and the beer i had for breakfast was a box of cheap white wine

i'm hungover in my passport photos. oh great.

listen to the beer by kimya dawson. and jellybones by the unicorns.
they're really good songs.

are we human, or are we dancers

Hey guys. What's up? I'm extremely fucking hungover and it sucks. Vodka on an empty stomach is not fun... Well, it is in the beginning, but after a while... Ugh.

Yeah, yesterday I went to a show at ABC No Rio that was completely sold out. It was an awesome show; everyone was there! I met some chill people. And you know what I was thinking? In between bands, or just when I was bored and talking with my friends, I STILL couldn't help myself from looking at what everyone was wearing, and sometimes thinking of how I could incorporate stuff into my own look. Yup, fashion still owns a part of my soul. Not runway fashion, or hype fashion, I fucking hate that stuff, but, you know... Clothes fashion.

Ughh, I can't find any pictures of the show yet... Some'll turn up soon, though.

Anyways. I met this tattoo artist who said he'd teach me how to tattoo. That should be cool, who knows? I've always wanted to learn. But then again, I would feel kind of bad, because I probably wouldn't do it as a profession (but hey you never know), and I don't want to be one of those "scratcher" types who gives a bad reputation to the tattooing world.

Damn. This post is boring without a picture. So I'll post one of ABC.

Okay. I guess it's complete now...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

slap me

I feel like such a dick. I keep on trying to keep this up but somehow I'm a dipshit and I can't >.<

But then again, academics and shaz have been hella hard lately, so that's kind of... Yeah.

Anyways. I'll post a shitload of random pictures. I'll possibly keep some people entertained.. and then try to start this thing up again.

And Tavi, if you're reading this, FUCKING EMAIL ME. D:

So. Pictures.

Today was dress-up day or whatever at my school. I dressed up as a raver but only like five people knew what ravers WERE, so whenever anyone asked I told them I was a crackhead. Or "Your mom." OH TEH LULZZZ

Shirt: I kinda made it, one randomly came free with this magazine like three years ago and I slashed it, then put it over this weird mesh thing that my mom's friend gave me.
Accessories: RAAANNNDDOMMM. I think I seriously might've found that glowstick necklace on the street...
Jeans: They're my dad's. Levis.
Belt: Journeys >.< It was a present, though, don't hate.
I was wearing Punkrose beat up ballet flat-ish shoes that I've had for three years, but you can't see them in the photos.

And oh, yeah, I have what I like to call Betty-Page-Goes-To-East-Coast-Oi-Fest bangs. Those who know what I'm talking about, major kudos and internet high fives times 100. I cut them myself, obviously. The front is gold-blonde (yay bleach) and the back I re-dyed black. It looks pretty sick.

There, you can see the East Coast Oi Fest-ness better in that pic. Skinhead chicks FTW.

Hm. What else is new? I don't know, I do make up and draw a lot...

(plz ignore my pre-waxed eyebrows)

Fun fucking stuff... Nahh, I'm not actually as bitchy/cynical/whatever as I sound. I've been having fun. Gone to a few sick shows...

... That was really fun. Ugh, the fucking images have to be resized. I forgot that. WHATEVERRRR There's this new following thing now anyway that I don't know about, so hopefully it shows up in y'alls follow-y, um, things...

I have way too much music to do Music Blogger. Umm... Go listen to The Disadvantaged. Busk It specifically. That is a sick song. Woot woot ska punk.