Monday, January 19, 2009

this time we're not giving up, we'll make it last forever

Ayy bitchezz. I s'pose I'll just blog for myself again. And wait til people find this :P
Anyways, I totally changed up my hair. At first I started wearing it back:

With a bandanna in it and shizz. Then I dyed it blonde (well, the front part, and well, it's more orange/yellow/ewhaleywilliamsmuch?butigottasayiadoreherhair than blonde)

That side part isn't brown-ish anymore, i bleached it again and now it's reddish orangish like the other side part. So yup, I don't wear bangs anymore. Who knew there'd be the day.

Today I'm going to tha maaaaall (the Queens mall, dumbasses) with some friends. And it's really too cold to wear anything of much interest (and it's not like I typically do anyway...) so.. yup. I'll leave you with that. My orange/yellow hair.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

misery is a butterfly

Ugh. Sick again today. But my mom took me to this weird ass new age medicine place and they did this weird thing on me and I feel a lot better. So hopefully I'll be able to go to school tomorrow (ick, school... but I seriously need to catch up on stupid fucking school work) and go to the Reagan Youth show Saturday. But you know what the one good thing about going back to school will be? (Other than not having that pile of work looming over my goddamned head anymore...) Making use of my amazing Kat Von D eyeshadow pallate! (That I left at my friends house when I slept over after her NYE party and some of her older brother's bitch friends came in and like rubbed their fingers in it and her make up, then stole her make up brushes and some of my eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara... FUCKING GHETTO ASS BITCHES DIEEE *sorry bout that, but I am a total cakeface soo...*)

Woot for sick day hoods. That's actually my school PE pullover hoodie that I converted into a The Exploited zip up hoodie with an old zip, an overpriced backpatch, and lots of shitty handsewing.
Non stupid face picture:

And my hoodie:

Guh it's fucking oversized. I hate it. Yeah, I know, weird, I wear tight shit now. I left my last baggy shirt that I actually wore (my DARE shirt that I got last winter) at the Tsquare skate park when I was there with some friends bout two weeks ago *sobs* RIP, DARE shirt. That shirt was the best oxymoron ever... Sigh ;D
I should get a pic of my other patched up hoodie. But I can't right now, my mother took it away and threatened to throw it away because I put a patch (hand-drawn, like 90% of the patches I own, might I add) on it that said "Kill Scene Kids" with a picture of some scene girl and a big fat X drawn through her face. IT WAS SICK I LOVED IT AND I BET EVERYONE ELSE WILL TOO AND I CAN'T WAIT TA SHOW IT OFF. But I don't have my hoodie right now, so boo-hoo.
Hope some muthafuckas start commenting on this shit soon :P

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

we are the enemies of this society

Hot fucking dayum.
Show starts at 4.00 PM + Not too far in Bklyn + FREE + All ages + Nine bands including... THE CASUALTIES...

But it is, and on March 15th, imma be there... YAY!!
Gotta go download more than the only 16 songs of them I have now... Sixteen... That's not a lot... :( Well it looks like a lot on my fucking iTunes, bitchezzz.
Yah know, I might as well make this into a music (see:let's promote my local bands) entry. Eh?
(Wait, I just gotta do my social studies homework, gotta read shit about the Constitution, it'll take me like five minutes... Not that it means anything to you, you're just reading this anyways...)
Alrighty, I'm done. Why is it that America was built on such good values yet it got so fucked up? Sigh... Oh well. At least there's music. MUSIC!

This past... Weekend? Yeah, weekend, I went to yet another ABC No Rio show. Because they're like. The ONLY fucking all ages shows that are on in the wintertime and I can't pass for fake ID (yet). I went to see my friend's half-boyfriend's band, Absurd System (shit they don't have any songs up DAMMIT) but there was a bunch of other amazing bands that played, too. For half of the first bands set I was stuck out in the fucking cold because my dollahs got stolen by this fucking fatass chonga girl while I was waiting for the D train *cries* But then my friends called me from a payphone and I borrowed some money from this guy who was handing out these awesomely ... I think nostalgic would be the word... perzines, and I got in, yay. (I won't type as much okay okay, I keep on forgetting this ain't LJ)

So the first band was, I think, Mind Eraser who I hear are big-ish and stuff, but I didn't know them because I'm not really a hardcore/thrash type kid. Although I gotta say the shows are awesome. They were pretty sick, well, what little I got to see of their set was.

(Not the ABC No Rio show or anything even recent, apparently this was taken tres aƱos antes de I was born :P)

Next was Youthviolence.

(sryz, way too lazy to resize so fuck you blogger blahhh... also not a pic from the ABC show, but recent)
They had a CUTE lead singer, even though you can't really see his face in that picture. Haha. Classic hardcore band, yah know, complete with the (regrettable) SxE tattoos, crazy jumping/thrashing around by the lead singer and occasionally other band members, and completely indecipherable/lovely vocals. Good set, too, although the mike kept on getting fucked up and some skinhead dude kept on stepping on my toes (damn you height).

Then there was some band that I forgot :( But I think I remember them being pretty good, lawlz. Between their set and Youthviolence's, I spoke to the lead singer (squee) and he said that he'd probably be able to get us into their next show even though it's supposed to be 21+, haha. Oh, how I hate age sometimes.

Then the band that I had originally came to see came on, Absurd System. I didn't like their music as much as I liked Youthviolence (which I LOVED for being a hardcore band... Hardcore isn't usually 100% up my alley) but I still thought they were pretty damn awesome, and put on a sick show. There was this kid who was probably a big fan because he was like going INSANE moshing around and shit and eventually stole the mike from the singer and started screaming the lyrics himself, it was fucking awesome hahaha. Then after their set (and the show) was done, that kid and his friend got up and started playing the band's instruments, lol. They were good, too xD


/end of fucking long ass whatever that was

That ended up being more of a fucking concert review than whatever it was supposed to be. Anyways, yeah. Promote promote promote. You know what I was thinking through the whole time I was typing this entry? I should so totally start a zine. Thoughts?


So. It feels kinda good to be writing in the Blogger editing thingy again instead of the LJ one (although I will of course continue that, to any old readers who read it... Just celebrated it's 1st bday yesterday, actually, wooh confetti and cakes not). I took a little rest from blogging, but lately I have been just eehhhh I don't know I kind of need to do it sort of I don't know. But I figured that just because I like way different things now, etc, etc, does not mean I have to stop blogging. I am still into clothing and such, just not the kind of clothing that designers send down the runway each season. I like DIY shit and concert t-shirts sewn to fit with dental floss and patches drawn with Sharpie and too-short too-tight hooker-esque skirts. All paired with DMs, of course. But ANYWAYZZZ, to get back to what I was saying, I'm back. Yoncto is backkk. But I feel kinda like Stza, starting new reincarnations of the same thing except with different names. I don't know where the fuck the name for this one came from... Just kinda wandered into my head. Probably half-taken from the amazing LOC song Ya Can't Go Home.

Yea of course I'm still obsessed with all those bands. So. I would take a picture of myself saying like "HAIII BLOGGING WORLD I'M BACK" or something to that matter but I'm sick as hell right now and would look like shiz, even with a crapload of Kat Von D make up slapped on my face I'd still look half dead. Uhhh I guess I'll put some pictures of recent-ish shit, then, I guess. MAHSPACE PICTA-STEALIN TAIMMM (plz let the blogger picture resize work...)

My friend Sarah took this, she's fucking radtastic and you should check her shit out.
Oh shazz I think the picture thing still doesn't work and I will have to resize all these mothafuckas myself. FUN STUFF.

Still obnoxious as ever, don't worry. I, erm, came in ownership of, that bullet necklace on some random mexican store on St Marks, yah know those, and I wear it all the time.

There I am in a box. And oh shiznits I can't seem to find any other recent photos. Boo hiss.
So yeah. This is kind of an experiment. Dunno if I'll continue or not. But anyways, it feels kinda good to be back.