Thursday, March 5, 2009

slap me

I feel like such a dick. I keep on trying to keep this up but somehow I'm a dipshit and I can't >.<

But then again, academics and shaz have been hella hard lately, so that's kind of... Yeah.

Anyways. I'll post a shitload of random pictures. I'll possibly keep some people entertained.. and then try to start this thing up again.

And Tavi, if you're reading this, FUCKING EMAIL ME. D:

So. Pictures.

Today was dress-up day or whatever at my school. I dressed up as a raver but only like five people knew what ravers WERE, so whenever anyone asked I told them I was a crackhead. Or "Your mom." OH TEH LULZZZ

Shirt: I kinda made it, one randomly came free with this magazine like three years ago and I slashed it, then put it over this weird mesh thing that my mom's friend gave me.
Accessories: RAAANNNDDOMMM. I think I seriously might've found that glowstick necklace on the street...
Jeans: They're my dad's. Levis.
Belt: Journeys >.< It was a present, though, don't hate.
I was wearing Punkrose beat up ballet flat-ish shoes that I've had for three years, but you can't see them in the photos.

And oh, yeah, I have what I like to call Betty-Page-Goes-To-East-Coast-Oi-Fest bangs. Those who know what I'm talking about, major kudos and internet high fives times 100. I cut them myself, obviously. The front is gold-blonde (yay bleach) and the back I re-dyed black. It looks pretty sick.

There, you can see the East Coast Oi Fest-ness better in that pic. Skinhead chicks FTW.

Hm. What else is new? I don't know, I do make up and draw a lot...

(plz ignore my pre-waxed eyebrows)

Fun fucking stuff... Nahh, I'm not actually as bitchy/cynical/whatever as I sound. I've been having fun. Gone to a few sick shows...

... That was really fun. Ugh, the fucking images have to be resized. I forgot that. WHATEVERRRR There's this new following thing now anyway that I don't know about, so hopefully it shows up in y'alls follow-y, um, things...

I have way too much music to do Music Blogger. Umm... Go listen to The Disadvantaged. Busk It specifically. That is a sick song. Woot woot ska punk.

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  1. lawl i used to have those bangs, they're really cool if you have straight hair and docs but mine always curled up and shit so whatever.